Our Mission:

DHS EDUCATION provides professional information technology training in order to prepare qualified individuals for permanent and contract employment with Systegration, Inc., an affiliated consulting and professional services firm, as well as DHS EDUCATION.

Programs and Faculty:

Our approach is to provide rigorous theoretical training while teaching our students extensive practical skills. We make every effort to prepare our students to face the challenges of today's rapidly evolving information technology marketplace. Our training manuals and exercise materials are very effective in enhancing students' knowledge and skills base. Students can take any of our courses separately or combine several of them to achieve higher levels of proficiency in information technology. Our instructors are not just experienced teachers, they are team leaders and senior technical developers who themselves mentor and coach new employees and consultants hired on their projects. As project leaders, our instructors also interview prospective candidates for permanent and consulting positions. They know first hand what skills students need to start a career in the IT field, pass job interviews, and successfully perform on the first job assignment. Our instructors work very hard and with a lot of personal attention to transfer that knowledge to each student and to keep the student well informed in all the latest industry developments.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to providing the best professional education to our students and to turn them into knowledgeable and successful information technology professionals. For that reason our company invests in new facilities, the latest software and newest hardware and hires talented teachers and assistants. We maintain a solid money-back guarantee: students can receive up to 80% money back after starting a class if he/she is not completely satisfied with our courses. Our company is not just a computer school oblivious to its students somewhere between the last tuition payment and the graduation. Our ultimate goal is to form long-term relationships with students and to help them advance in their IT careers. We provide our graduates with job search assistance, employment opportunities, and help after a graduate has found a job. We provide full tuition reimbursement for classes taken with Advanced Computer Training Institute for those who work for consulting companies affiliated with DHS EDUCATION.

We Care About Your Career:

All our graduates have a lifetime privilege: free use of placement services of Systegration and affiliate consulting and professional services companies. Our principals, experienced IT managers and professionals themselves, conduct the follow up sessions individually with each student free of charge: career counseling, resume writing, and mock job interviews with analysis. Our instructors will draw your attention to class topics frequently used on technical interviews. We have formed close partnerships and are on the preferred vendors list with several Chicago-land consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies developing large ERP, E-Commerce and QA applications. We DHS EDUCATION vely seek employment for our graduates by our business partners. We also help our graduates to adjust to a new work environment after they are hired, advance in their professional career, and stay competitive and employable by learning hot new skills. Each graduate who is retained by one of our business partner firms as an employee or a contract programmer receives an additional bonus: full tuition reimbursement for all classes taken with DHS EDUCATION.